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Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
the funding that is supporting the infrastructure >> reporter: john york ten years ago, would beg to differ. at signore's pizza parlor in downtown santa clara, it's walls filled with autographed pictures of past and present players who often >> i have been a 49ers fan and i love it. >> is right down the street. >> reporter: dine here, fans root for what they like to call the home team. many fans here consider the publicity surrounding the 49ers and their new home a down payment on the city's investment. leroy afandor is dreaming of the day when he'll ride his bike to 49ers games and just maybe, to the super bowl, right here in his hometown. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: and stay with kron-4 for live coverage of super bowl week from new orleans. kron-4's j-r stone and will tran will be in the big easy with all the fun events leading up to the big game. you can always get updates on our web site. kron-4- dot-com. and on our facebook and twitter pages. >> jacqueline: we enjoyed slightly warmer conditions. it did feel cooler than it actually was. high fifties and the mo
Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm PST
has a sibling rivalry been so in your face. john harbaugh versus jim harbaugh in the super bowl. it's the stuff t-v stories are made of. but, put yourself in their place. could you destroye your brother's dream for your own? of the >> we fog over everything, but now we both have our girls we-what -- over everything. >> we know the task but maybe because this is a sibling rivalry goes back decades. carol costello has more on the match-up. and some vintage footage of the harbaugh family. >> the vintage footage. >> i was beat out by my own brother. >> these are the parents, he threw the pass and on allowed to speak do. it was harbaugh to harbaugh. and i thought that it could not get any better what is amazing thing to hear. a high school gridiron is one thing but the super bowl. you forget your brother's last name. your brother says that he is a better coach. he is just setting me up. >> pam: that was carol costello reporting. with the super bowl just days away -- among the legion of 49ers fans out there. is a young patient at lucile packard children's hospital. kron four's rob fladeboe
Jan 27, 2013 8:00pm PST
dollars to his alma mater, johns hopkins university. a hundred million of that is earmarked for financial aid for students in need. bloomberg has given more than a billion dollars to the school since he graduated in the mid-1960s. he is believed to be the first person to give one- billion dollars to a single u-s university. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has said she isn't planning to run in the 20-16 presidential election. but that isn't stopping supporters from hoping she does. senator dianne feinstein of california told c-n-n's state of the union. she's firmly in that camp. >> "i'm not concerned with that as i am with what secretary clinton is thinking about 2016. i think she's accomplished an incredible record and really has unbridled popularity, she has a total knowledge of all of the issues. served in the senate. she has been first lady -" >> crowley: you want her to run? would run." >> senator barbara boxer echoed that sentiment during last week's congressional hearings on the benghazi attack. she told clinton she will be missed, but hopefully not for long. both democratic a
Feb 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
have been working hard. but i have seen you with the jerry rice, john mccarthy and mike ditka. >> we are off to a another party after this it has been busy. and obviously, at this point if there are more ravens fans. 49ers legends earlier and they are fired out fired up. >> jerry rice, joe montana, steve young. with less than 24 years after the super bowl. a 24-hours before the super bowl. >> i am hoping for a no holds barred. >> you have to love the honesty that you get with joe montana. >> reporter: as for how some of the others feel? >> i think that san francisco is the better team. >> based on emotions. >> san francisco has the edge. andrew luck says that his coach has his work cut out for him. >> there is some much on his plate i do not want to bother. >> everybody is talking about colin kaepernick. to see what is next. >> to see a in-offense into a positive offense with his fourth work and he is an excellent. not to just a good but he is an excellent passer. >> i think that i want that they're going to see a very competitive game, a 24-17 is my prediction for the final s
Jan 25, 2013 8:00pm PST
politicians including a message from house speaker john boehner. >> coming up later, alicia is ready with a sports we will talk about the warriors. their game in chicago and of course the superbowl. colin kaepernick and ray lewis.. ray lewis... >> pam: would you sell your last name? and if so, how much would you sell it for? a san francisco based tech company. paid a man to re=name himself after their company. slate shows us the marketing extremes businesses are now going to for attention. >> we are in chafed tech boo we are in the mid of a high-tech boom. >> after 43 days, after putting his last name on the bay, it ended at $45,000. the winner was a san francisco-based company they sell every type can imagine. and now, that is his last name. legally. they are looking for ways to think of sidewalks. now his legal name is jason it has created a lot of buzz which was exactly what it wanted the ceo speaks. >> $45 it was quite a price tag. $45,000 --. the amount of buzz that we created from the us was worth that (bri tish acccents) >> however, with this, there was noth
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5